Samsung Develops Super Flat Lens ?

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Rumors circulated that one of Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ officials said that the company is currently developing metalens technology (super lens).

Appearing with a flat structure, Samsung has coated this new lens with nanoparticle technology. In this way, the lens is able to refract light.

Samsung develops super lens technology for new smartphone devices. (Doc: Gizchina)
Samsung develops super lens technology for new smartphone devices. (Doc: Gizchina)

Like Fresnel lenses, which are often used in lighthouses, the new lenses from the South Korean company are more accurate and thinner.

Citing Gizchina, Monday (12/7/2021), this technology can make smartphone lenses thinner than they are now.

If indeed Samsung will mass-produce this super lens, then the company is able to solve many smartphone vendor problems related to cameras on mobile phones.

With thinner lenses, companies no longer have to worry about having to use a camera module that protrudes from the smartphone body.

This statement was made by Lee Shi-woo, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Research Institute of Samsung Electronics at the Nano Korea 2021 conference in Seoul recently.

Answering reporters’ questions, he said, Samsung is conducting trials of coating lenses with nanoparticles and considering applying this technology to mass production.

The Company That Also Developed Super Lenses

Currently, a Chinese company called Shenzhen MetalenX Technology Co., Ltd. also focuses on the design, manufacture and application of ultra lenses.

According to the company, its super lens is ready to be mass-produced via semiconductor chip technology.

This super lens has a micro-nano surface structure to modulate the phase of incident light to converge and image.

Thinner Than Traditional Lenses

How thin is this super lens? The thickness of this super lens is said to be in the order of hundreds of nanometers to micrometers.

So, it is much smaller than traditional lens thickness in the order of millimeters to decimeters and can help reduce weight significantly.

At present, the new super lens produced by the company has the capabilities of far infrared light, near infrared and visible light technology.

In terms of application, this super lens can be used in consumer electronics, microscopic imaging, security monitoring and other fields.

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