More Precise S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

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Samsung some time ago announced the presence of their latest tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Series 5G, which consists of the Galaxy Tab S8, S8+, and Tab S8 Ultra.

Various features to support productivity and entertainment are the most offered on this tablet that uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

We compare with the previous series, this new tablet can increase CPU as much as 24 percent and GPU as much as 52 percent.

This device still carries the typical feature that is always present on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, namely the S Pen.

S Pen compared to the previous series, there is an increase in precision three times better.

Compared to the S7, for precision, it’s already at 2.8 millimeters per second for the S8 Ultra and S8+. Impact can provide a writing experience like on paper.


Ultra Low Latency

Samsung said the S Pen embedded for the Galaxy Tab S8 Series was refined by using a prediction algorithm to produce ultra-low latency.

In addition, the company has partnered exclusively with Clip Studio Paint to turn smartphones into digital color palettes, the S Pen as a painting brush, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Series which has a large screen into a canvas.

Users can also customize tools and choose the appropriate brush, as well as choose the original color from photos taken via a synchronized smartphone.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Series is also equipped with various built-in applications that support writing and drawing activities.


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