Valve Steam Deck Announced, How Much and Specifications

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Valve has finally revealed the presence of its portable (handheld) PC device called the Steam Deck.

Appearing to be similar to the Nintendo Switch console, this Steam Deck runs SteamOS and is capable of playing all Steam games.

Just like a PC–with a more portable form, this gaming device made by Valve can also function as a computer. Thus quoted from GSM Arena, Friday (16/7/2021).

Valve announces Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch competitor console. (Doc: Valve)
Valve announces Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch competitor console. (Doc: Valve)

The plan, this Steam Deck will start launching in December 2021 and pre-orders open on July 16.

Regarding the price, Valve’s device will be sold starting at USD 399. The company also sells models for higher prices.

In terms of specs, the Steam Deck uses a quad-core AMD APU Zen 2 processor, AMD RDNA 2 VGA, and 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM.

For storage, Steam Deck comes with 64GB eMMC storage, 256GB NVMe SSD, 512GB NVMe SSD. Users can also increase capacity with a microSD card slot.


A Look Like of Steam Deck

Steam Deck. (Doc: Valve)
Steam Deck. (Doc: Valve)

Like the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita, on both sides of the 7-inch (720p) touchscreen, there is an analog stick with a d-pad on the left and the ABXY button on the right.

Unlike most other controllers, Valve places the Steam Deck button in a unique position and is in the same plane as the analog buttons.

Because of this, there is an empty space under the console filled with two capacitive trackpads that function as mouse replacements in some game titles.

Like the Switch, the Steam Deck has two triggers on the top of each side, and there are four buttons on the back of the body (two on each side) as well as a built-in microphone.

Steam Deck Battery Capacity

Valve claims that his console’s battery can last several hours while playing most games on Steam.

“For lighter use cases like streaming games, smaller 2D games or browsing the internet, you can expect a maximum battery life of around 7-8 hours.” Valve told IGN.

The Steam Deck offers a quick suspend or resume feature built into SteamOS, and allows players to put the device into sleep mode and resume gaming sessions.

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